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Mobile Infirmary Ambulance

Live Ambulance is a private ambulance company. It offers you a fixed point infirmary ambulance service. Health services are provided by establishing an infirmary-style mobile ambulance at any point.

Mobile Infirmary Ambulance

It is given to health institutions in distant places or for the temporary health care needs of institutions such as factories. Our Istanbul private ambulance company operates both in Istanbul and throughout Turkey.

What is Infirmary Ambulance?

It is a mobile temporary health service that operates just like fixed health institutions. It provides health services by being established at any point. It covers the trade sector such as factories and industrial establishments and businesses that carry out similar activities.

For example; Mass vaccination etc. as a factory. You can benefit from our fixed point ambulance service for transactions. Our institution is licensed by the Ministry of Health and consists of experts and professionals.

With the vehicles in its fleet, Live Ambulance can set up an infirmary at any point you want and offers you the best service.

Fixed Point Ambulance Prices

You can learn the price information in detail according to your needs. You can make a request by calling our numbers below.

communication line:

0216 234 12 53

0850 473 12 53

0537 938 60 68