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Airline Ambulance Service

An ambulance flight can save lives. Because in the case of serious illness or accident abroad, every minute counts. If you want to receive the best possible care for yourself, your family and friends, you can rent an ambulance plane from Live Ambulance and ensure the fast and safe transport of patients in the air. What are the advantages of travelling home in an ambulance jet compared to staying in hospital in the country of travel and flying home on a scheduled plane? We give an overview.

On vacation or on business trips it happens quickly: An accident while skiing, tropical fever or caught a serious food poisoning at the buffet during a conference – when travelling, there is the threat of many illnesses that require a quick return to the home country and first-class medical care. Especially in emerging markets and tropical holiday paradises, doctors’ practices and hospitals often do not meet our standards.

In tricky situations, therefore, minutes can sometimes be decisive. Then a quick return journey to the home country can be the best option.

Airline Ambulance Service

What is an ambulance flight?

An ambulance flight is the return transport of patients from abroad by plane or helicopter. Alternatively, it can be a patient’s flight from their home town to a distant medical facility. Organ transport in ambulance jets and helicopters are also included in ambulance flights and can enable organs to be delivered quickly. Patients with particularly serious illnesses should make use of the service of a flight in an ambulance jet. These aircraft are private jets converted into flying intensive care units that can save life and limb in an emergency.

If you don’t want to leave anything to chance in an emergency, an ambulance jet can quickly ensure the benefits of medical treatment at home. In some cases, a helicopter can also be used to bring the patient back home. In Europe alone, there are over 200,000 repatriations by helicopter and aircraft every year – so-called repatriation flights.

Advantages of flying with an Aircraft Ambulance jet

  • Individual treatment and care in a high-tech private jet by excellent medical staff
  • Intensive medical treatment possible
  • If you are being picked up by an ambulance jet, you are quickly and flexibly on your way back home
  • Pick-up can also be made from smaller, regional airports
  • Many jets offer flights at ground pressure level
  • Conveniently rent an ambulance aircraft with Live Ambulance – worldwide and at the best possible price

How do you initiate an ambulance flight?

To initiate the ambulance transport abroad, you can contact Live Ambulance directly and conveniently request your ambulance flight with a private aircraft. An aviation physician will then contact the doctor on site to obtain an assessment of the clinical picture and airworthiness. Based on the information provided, our experts also clarify which aircraft with which medical equipment is best suited for the return transport and which medical personnel will be deployed. Just three to four hours after booking with Live Ambulance, the ambulance plane is already on its way. The team on board usually consists of an aviation physician and a paramedic.

The equipment of rescue aircraft

Ambulance jets are usually designed for one to six patients, who can be transported in a lying position. The stretchers for the patients are called stretchers in the aircraft. The equipment of ambulance flights as well as the medical team varies depending on the aircraft and the illness of the patient.

As a rule, the aircraft are equipped similarly to an ambulance and can be upgraded as a flying intensive care unit if required, so that, for example, intubated patients can also be transported in the aircraft. On board are usually a resuscitator, ventilator, stretcher, ampoule kit, vacuum mattress and suction pump, which together enable optimal patient care.

Rent an ambulance jet at Live Ambulance

If an emergency situation requires a quick response and an ambulance flight is needed, we are at their side. Live Ambulance is your full charter specialist. With us you can rent an ambulance jet and benefit from the best possible prices. Helicopters, turboprops as well as larger jets are at your disposal. We will provide you with the appropriate aircraft for your return transport. Patients can thus return home quickly and safely – no matter where they are in the world.